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Public Awareness

15-nov-2007 Actiuni Life Aiud Colege Animal World exhibition2 Animal World exhibition Caravana 10 Caravana  Caravana  Caravana 4 Caravana  Caravana  Caravana  Caravana  Caravana  Caravana Caravana  Caravana Abrud Caravana Agnita Caravana Abrud Caravana Cluj Caravana lic. arta Caravana Life Caravana Maramures Caravana Medias Caravana Nasaud Caravana Beriu Caravana Giurgiu Caravana in Timisoara Caravana in Aiud Caravana in Barsesti Dec-2006 Public awareness Public awareness Public awareness Public awareness Meeting 13-14 dec 2007 Nou si vechi Pan LIFE Stanuleti DSC_0008 Seminar 27-28 nov 2007 Workshop Gura Zlata

Habitate recovery Nardus

Mowing Habitate recovery Monitoring Stanisoara Nardus Pietrele Habitate recovery Piata proba Nardus Habitate recovery Habitate recovery Stevie Zanoaga


Park rangers put dwarf pine in the track Gura Apei putting dwarf pin big special boxest Big boxes need to be catched in nets The helicopter can transport only a box at a time Let's go to Dragsanu Another team worked in Dragsanu to take the boxes Dragsanu torrent Donkeys help Basckets with Pinus mugo Hard workers Planting dwarf pine on Dragsanu torrent They have new home Terraces for little dwarf pines