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For your own good and that of the PARK, we kindly ask you to respect some simple rules:

  • Keep to the marked trails so that you don’t get lost and can be helped if needed.
  • Please take all your waste with you including the biodegradable ones.  Keep a plastic bag with you to collect all your waste. You are helping Retezat by taking it out of the park and to the nearest garbage container. In this way you will not learn Retezat's bears to eat food from super market and to search for food in your tent.
  • Camp only in permitted places, without digging around the tent and not destroying any plants to make your bed;
  • You will really help Retezat if you cook your food on a gas stove without starting any wood-fires;
  • Take care of any plant, even if, to you, it is only a useless weed; It can be an endemic plant.
  • Leave your dog at home and if you cannot stay away from him, always keep him on a leash to stop him from bothering the wild animals and their cubs;
  • You are protecting the species that live in the waters of Retezat if you do not wash with soap or detergents; Even in summer it is dangerous to bathe in alpine lakes; do not risk your life for a trifle;
  • Protect the animals even if some of them may seem to be pests or dangerous. For example, do not kill vipers, just turn and avoid them. You can be sure that they will not start running to catch you;
  • Leave everything (sign marks, indication arrows, mountain refuges, etc.) as you find it, because they are of great help to those in need;
  • Walk every path without screaming or making noise, so that you will have the chance to see the animals that live here. Leave your stereo and CD-player at home. Replace them with binoculars, cameras and flashlight. They will be of better use, and your bag will be lighter.
  • Camping places, mountain refuges and shelters are not appropriate place to get drunk and to disturb other tourist who need rest.
  • In Retezat National Park are not allowed  auto vehicles as ATVs, snowmobiles, cars even 4x4. Bikes are allowed only on the roads, not on the mountain trails. Ask Retezat National Park Administration about the roads were the vehicle/bike access in permitted. CLOAKING

     In the name of Retezat National Park, we thank you.