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Deva Forest Directorate (DFD) - Retezat National Park Administration (RNPA)
DFD is a territorial branch of the the National Forest Administration. Starting 2004, as a consequence of Contract 730/2004, it assumed the administration of Retezat National Park including institutional creation. The main activities of DFD are related to forest management, comprising utilization of primary and secondary resources, promotion of sustainable use principles into the forestry field, specific law enforcement, conservation of wildlife, reintegration of degraded terrains into the natural circuits, etc
The RNPA is working towards accomplishing the National Park objectives established for IUCN category II protected areas. Biodiversity conservation and raising public awareness and education are considered as the most important objectives for Retezat National Park.


Partner 1 (name):

Focal Centre Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation (FCBMC)
FCBMC is a professional, independent, non-governmental association dedicated to the knowledge and protection of wildlife.
Since its foundation in 2002, FCBMC attracted an important number of naturalists from Romania, becoming one of the largest such organism, having a national coverage.
Actions for the rehabilitation of natural reserves, monitoring of urban areas and identification of sites in order to comply Natura 2000 standards represent some of its main goals.
FCBMC is promoting in a special manner the voluntary actions, association, participation, inclusion, etc, within its structure being also a complete voluntary decision. No member fees or taxes are  solicited from its members.

Partner 2 (name):

Milvus Group” Association (MGA)
Milvus Group is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, dedicated to birds and nature protection, acting in the field of conservation, education, research and advisory in order to make Romania a better place for birds, wildlife and people.
It was established in 1991 and worked initially as a branch of the Romanian Ornithological Society (BirdLife partner in Romania), initiating and coordinating national and international projects. Broadening its area of work MGA became an independent organisation in 2001, having branches and school groups in different localities. Its programs are scientifically based, coordinated by specialized people. The majority of its activities are coordinated in Working Groups.
Milvus Group is curently managing many programs dedicated to the research and conservation of birds of prey including field research activities, conservation measures, collaboration with stakeholders, edition of different leaflets, posters and guides, etc.