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The network of National Parks that make up the PAN Parks family represent a diverse range of wilderness experiences that rival anything to be found in the North American National Parks.
More information about Retezat National Park as a PAN Parks, you can get from
At the western end of the Carpathian Mountains, Retezat provides a spectacular contrast to the Danube Plains. Alpine peaks, glacial lakes, forests and alpine meadows provide rich opportunities to discover nature. Tread quietly and you may see Chamois or Golden Eagle.
As the first Romanian national park, Retezat National Park has been well preserved, so that it hosts a great wilderness containing many rare plants and animals.
In the northern part of Retezat you can see a typical glacier landscape with glacial valleys and cirques, lakes and peaks. In the southern part, composed of limestone, there are caves, gorges and sinkholes. Retezat’s plateaus are covered with alpine meadows and flowers. In early summer, alpine slopes are clothed in incredible colour during the blooming of rhododendron.There is an extensive network of trails in the pristine beech, spruce, and fir forests that are among the most extensive mountain forests in Europe.
You can drink crystal clear water directly from mountain streams and walk up to see the sun rise above majestic peaks such as Peleaga - at 2,509m, the highest peak in the park.
Here are some suggestions for a range of activities in and around Retezat suggested by the staff of Retezat National Park.


1) Rock climbing at Gentiana, Bucura Peak, and Peleaga’s „fangs” areas
Contact: SALVAMONT Mountain Rescue Team; CLOAKING
2) Decipher mystery
Retezat is a challenging place, luring you to try and decipher the mystery around Gugu Peak or to understand the strange „air” of the Tau dintre Brazi Lake.
Many fascinating legends are liked to Gugu Peak and people still try to decipher its mystery. One of these legends is about a strange cave made by man near the top of the mountain. Only in some special days someone can find the entrance in that cave. These days are related to sun cycle. It is necessary to be very pure and faithful to have the luck to enter the cave. In the cave lives shiny peoples who can read minds and who communicate without spoken words. They can teach you the secrets of life and death. All the people who returned from the cave were healed by any diseases and lived in happinnes their terrestrial life.
- Tau dintre Brazi Lake is a special place. It doesn’t fit with any other lake in Retezat. It is „guarded” by spruce trees and seems to have no border. The grass and trees enter the lake. Elderly people told that if you stay quiet close to the lake, you have the sensation that strange creature raised from the center of the lake.
3) “Join us in Retezat’s Backcountry”
Available June – September
A program for people who are physically fit, really familiar with mountain conditions, and love the silence of the wilderness backcountry.
Attractions: Piatra Iorgovanului, Retezat Peak, Bucura Lake – the largest glacial lake in Romania, Peleaga Peak – the highest peak in the Retezat Massiff, pristine forests, rare plants, habitats where wolves, bears, lynx and wild cats live.
Trail Rating: demanding and very demanding trails.
Equipment: Backpacking and camping gear needed – don’t forget your tent!


1) “A View of the Summits of Retezat”
Available August-September
For people who would enjoy seeing the Retezat Range, without climbing the high peaks. Take easy walks to places with nice panoramic views.
Attractions: panoramic views on the Retezat Mountains from: Rau Mare Valley, Gura Apei Dam, Lapusnicul mare Valley, Saua Plaiului Mic, Lolaia.
Trail rating: undemanding trails.
Equipment: Backpacking gear needed.

2)“Retezat and Its Local Traditions”
This package offers visitors the ability to leave the noisy, polluted cities of Romania and take enjoyment in the peace of a rural home, in order to observe how people can live in harmony with Nature.
Attractions: historical monuments in the area, trips to Cetatea Colt and to Lolaia waterfall, and the opportunity to learn local traditional dances.
Accommodation: rural pensions in Salasu de Sus and Rau de Mori.
Trail Rating: undemanding walks to historical sites.


1) “The Blue Eyes of Retezat”
Available June – October
If you choose this trip into Retezat, you will get a chance to view a number of the 80 glacial lakes in the National Park. These lakes are the eyes of Retezat Mountain.
Attractions: Peleaga Peak – the highest peak in the Retezat Massiff, Tau dintre Brazi – the most mysterious lake in Retezat, Retezat Peak – which gives its name to the entire range, Bucura Lake – the largest glacial lake in Romania.
Accommodations: Pietrele Tourist Resort.
Trail Rating: demanding and very demanding trails.
Equipment: backpacking and camping gear.

2) “From Retezat Heights to the Silent World of the Dinosaurs”
Available year round.
You will hike on mountain trails and than visit historical and archaeological sites around Retezat.
Attractions: Lolaia ridge, Stevia Lake, Picui Summit - with its habitats for red dears, roe dears, capercaillies, wolves and wild boars; Densus Church - the oldest Orthodox Stone Church in the world, where masses are still organized; Sanpetru - the place where the remains (skeletons) of the smallest dinosaur species were discovered; Sarmisegetusa Ulpia Traiana - remains of the ancient Roman capital of conquered province of Dacia.
Accommodation: Ancuta Inn/ Codrin Inn.
Trail Rating: undemanding and demanding trails.
Equipment: backpacking gear for hiking.

3) “The Wildflowers of Retezat”
Available June – July
Specialists and flower lovers will see a wide variety of wildflowers in their natural ecosystems, well preserved in the Small Retezat.
Attractions: the legendary place at Piatra Iorgovanului; Buta Lake; Dragsanu; unique flora, rare and endemic species, wonderful landscapes.
Accommodation: cabins at Buta and Cheile Butii/ Retezat Inn
Trail Rating: demanding and very demanding trails.
Equipment: Backpacking gear.

4)“The Snowy Slopes of Retezat” 
Available January - March
A program designed for people who enjoy nature and skiing. Test your courage and resistance on the slopes of Retezat Mountain.
Attractions: Lake Bucura, Stanisoara Valley, Pietrele Valley, Lolaia Ridge, Retezat Ridge, Bucura Ridge, Peleaga Peak; the silence of winter in undisturbed forests, habitats where chamois, wolves, bears, lynx and golden eagle live.
Accommodation: Dora pension and Pietrele Tourist resort.
Trail Rating: demanding and very demanding trails.
Equipment: Backpacking gear and ski equipment.

5) “Earth’s Regeneration” 
Available year round.
Be a witness of Nature’s healing power; see how the Earth has regenerated itself after facing the changes of natural phenomena.
Attractions: Zanoaga Lake – the deepest glacial lake; Rau Mare Dam, Lapusnicul Mare Valley, completely modified by a very heavy flood in July 1999, and places where a variety of plants and animals are living.
Accommodation: Gura Zlata Cabin/ Rotunda Cabin/ Iris Inn/ Dorulet Cabins/ Dumbravita Inn.
Trail Rating: demanding and very demanding trails.
Equipment: Backpacking gear.