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Management and zoning

After being declared a Nature Reserve already in 1927, the Retezat National Park was established in 1935.
However, nature conservation than was mainly a voluntary assignment, so without the positive attitude of the forestry institutes not much would have been left of it today. In 1980 the Park was listed as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve but only in 1999 a National Park staff with full authority was established.
Today, the core area of the park is 20,863ha, which is reserved for nature conservation, tourism and educational purposes. This zone contains the 1,932 ha strictly protected Gemenele - Taul Negru Scientific Reserve, reserved for scientific research and only accessible with a special permit.
A buffer zone of 15336,5 ha extends the territory of the Retezat massif proper. In this zone sustainable forestry, hunting, fishing and tourism activities are allowed.
Some spots with a totally area of 6.5ha, named sustainable development zone, has tourist infrastructure.
About 10,000 ha of the park are used as Pan Parks Wilderness Area, subject to special tourism management prescriptions.

Information about the Retezat National Park can be found on the English pages of the predominantly Romanian website The National Park plays an active role in promoting accommodation in either the cabanas or in private pensions in the surrounding villages. Furthermore, nature guides can be contacted for tours in the area. Once arrived, further information and walking maps can be found at Nucsoara Visitor Center in Salasu de Sus, or the newly built Ostrovel Visitor Center in Rau de Mori.
Another information facility named Buta Information Point will be established in the south near Campu lui Neag.

Mail address:
Retezat National Park Administration, Nucsoara, Salasu de Sus com., Hunedoara County, Romania, 337420